Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Acceleration Nation? 

As a member of the Small Business Accelerator, you become a member of the Acceleration Nation! It is the community within the Small Business Accelerator. We have a supportive Facebook group, make sure to join! 

Do I fit in this membership

If you have a side-hustle or starting a small business, this is for you. Whether you have a product based business or offer services, we teach what we know best–digital marketing! We meet you at where you are in your business, and help you learn to do it all yourself! 

Can I pay the membership fee monthly?

Each month your membership will renew if you have chosen the monthly plan, but if you pay for a year, you don’t have to worry! You also save more than 15% when you pay for a full-year membership.

How do I take full advantage of the resource library?

You don’t have to watch the 25+ resource videos all at once. Don’t worry, you don’t have time for that! But the next time you are right in the middle of setting up your email marketing account, ready to run a Facebook ad, or buy a domain name find tutorial videos for each subject and more in the resource library. You can watch them on your phone or laptop!


When will my account be charged for the monthly fee?

We charge your account on the 29th of each month. If you would like to cancel your monthly membership, it must be cancelled before that date of the given month.

How long should I be a member? How much time do I need to dedicate to the program?

A membership inside the Small Business Accelerator never expires and depends all on your experience. We constantly stay up to date with the changing marketing strategies and share them with you. Time dedication is between 1-3 hours a week, or 4-8 hours a month. All based on YOUR schedule!

How long will the accelerating sessions be available? Do I get access to replays?

After a KRose Marketing Small Business Accelerator training ends, it is put into our resource library for 90 days. You will have access to all the training replays until they are removed.

How do I join an accelerating session (training) live?

A Zoom code will be sent to you at the beginning of each month for the accelerating sessions (trainings) for that month. Pull up Zoom on your browser (you can access it here), put the code in, and you can join us! We will send out reminders through Facebook messenger, so make sure you are signed up here.

How do the virtual coworking times work?

Virtual coworking sessions are held every two weeks on Zoom (access it here). A monthly code will be shared, and then you can hop on the call to ask questions, share success stories, and work with your tribe 🙂

Can I suggest a member that I think should be featured?

Absolutely! We would love that! We are all about encouraging and recognizing each other. If you notice a KRose Acceleration Nation group member is working extra hard and deserves a spotlight, feel free to shoot us an email at

How can I make stock photos work for me?

Your whole feed shouldn’t be your business. It should be other relatable things that speak to your ideal customer. That’s where the stock photos come in handy!

Can I do anything I want with the stock photos?

Feel free to download all of the photos, or just a few. These photos are great for a social media post, landing page image, or in an email. Use them as you wish!

How can I contact Karoline for a free consultation?

Have a few questions or just need a listening ear? Feel free to give me a call. I can’t wait to sit down and discuss your goals and how I can help you accelerate your business. Schedule a time that will work best for you here.

Is it okay to contact a KRose team member with a personal business question?

Yes it is! The KRose team is also present in the KRose Acceleration Nation Facebook group where you can post questions, and probably end up helping someone else. But if you’d like to contact them directly, just visit our team member page and choose an expert to contact about your business question. Make sure to disclose that you are a KRose Acceleration Nation member.

Can I share personal business questions in the Acceleration Nation Facebook group?

Yes, that’s what the Facebook group is for! We love any chance to help you accelerate your business by answering your questions. The KRose team is present in the KRose Acceleration Nation Facebook group and we will be sure to answer your question as quickly as possible.

How can I contact Karoline for a free consultation?

Have a few questions or just need a listening ear? Feel free to give me a call. I can’t wait to sit down and discuss your goals and how I can help you accelerate your business. Schedule a time that will work best for you here.

If I cancel my membership, will I be removed from the private Facebook group?

Unfortunately you will be removed from the private Facebook group if you choose to cancel your monthly membership. The KRose Acceleration nation group is exclusive to members.  

What are the benefits of an annual membership?

As an annual member of the KRose Acceleration Nation you will be able to absorb more resources to accelerate your business, receive annual membership perks such as a monthly business book, FREE 45 minute consultation calls, and a special reduced price (18%, which converts to $70/year!). 

How do I get Facebook messenger updates from the KRose Acceleration Nation?

We will be communicating primarily through Facebook messenger to keep you up to date so you don’t miss a training or any breaking news! So make sure to click here and sign up for the Acceleration Facebook messages!

How can I use the caption templates?

You can find inspiration, ideas for upcoming content, or just copy & paste the caption right from the library! They are for you to freely use on your social media accounts.

Where do I access my login information settings?

You can access your account settings under the account tab and from there you can update your address, or change your password!

What is your refund policy?

Refunds only apply to Annual KRose Marketing Small Business Accelerator Memberships. You can request a refund for an annual subscription up to 10 days from the date you purchased it. If you are not satisfied with your purchase of a monthly subscription, you may cancel your membership before the next month’s billing. Refunds are not available for your initial monthly subscription.

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