Social Media Captions

We’re making your life easy with these copy and paste captions perfect for your social media pages. They are updated each month, so make sure to check them for some inspiration or to make life easy when you schedule your posts! 

  • How many times a day do you do this _____________ (good habit)? I need tips for being better at it! Any suggestions?

  • It’s BBQ season! What’s your favorite thing to throw on the grill? Have any good recipes?

  • I can’t wait to start _______, _________, and _________ this summer! What are three things are you excited to do this summer?

  • You’re stuck in an elevator with a celebrity, who would you choose!?

  • I am needing a ________ drink for summertime, any suggestions?

  • We’re getting ready for the 4th of July at our house! We like to _________, ____________, and ____________ each year. What do you do for the holiday?

  • ____________ (month) is a perfect time to __________ (product or service you offer), are you ready to ___________ (purchase, start, begin, etc)?

  • My first car was a ___________ (first car). I loved it! Now, I drive a _________. What a change! What was your first car? What do you drive now?

  • _______________ or _________________, which would you rather do? 

  • How are you enjoying this beautiful summer? If you’re going on vacation, I want to see pictures!

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